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Multiparametric DAQ Software for Physics Applications

  • Software for simultaneous DPP acquisition, including
    DPP-PHA and DPP-PSD (DPP-QDC Coming Soon)
  • Multi-board management
  • Synchronization of multiple boards even from different families
  • Time Correlation between different channels
  • Simultaneous plot of waveform, energy, time, PSD, and TOF spectra
  • Energy calibration
  • Digital Constant Fraction Discrimination for fine time stamp interpolation (pico second intrinsic resolution)
  • Selectable filters on energy and PSD
  • Advanced data saving options:
    - Data from board is recorded for the whole acquisition run
    - Time ordered recording of channels acquired data (list mode)
    - Spectra saving
  • Data can be retrieved offline to make additional filters and analysis
  • ROOT format data saving
CAEN Multi-PArameter Spectroscopy Software (CoMPASS) is the new software from CAEN able to implement a Multi-parametric Data Acquisition for Physics Applications, where the detectors can be connected directly to the digitizers inputs and the software acquires energy, timing, and PSD spectra at the same time.

CoMPASS software has been designed as a user-friendly interface to manage the acquisition with all the CAEN DPP algorithm. CoMPASS can manage multiple boards, even in synchronized mode, and the event correlation between different channels (in hardware and/or software), apply energy and PSD cuts, calculate and show the statistics (trigger rates, data throughput, etc...), save the output data files (raw data, lists, waveforms, spectra) and use the saved files to run off-line with different processing parameters.

CoMPASS Software supports CAEN x720, x724, x725, x730,x751 digitizer families running the DPP-PSD and DPP-PHA, and the x781 MCA family. Support for x740D with DPP-QDC is Coming Soon.
Supported Firmwares and Models
Supported Firmwares and Models
Digitizer Family
- Charge Integration
- Pulse Shape Discrimination
- Constant Fraction Discriminator
- Pulse Height Analysis
- Digital QDC
- Charge Integration
740 Coming Soon
(1) Costant Fraction Discriminator feature is not available on these models