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main HiVolta


8 Ch Floating Reversible 1kV/1mA (600 mW) Desktop HV Power Supply Module

  • 8 independent HV channels (1 kV/1 mA, 600mW max) in a desktop form factor
  • Channels are reversible, fully floating up to 5 kV each and stackable in one or more groups
  • SHV coaxial output connectors (3 for each channel) for easy channel-to-channel interconnection using standard SHV-SHV cables
  • Synchronous or ordered ON/OFF/KILL operation of selected channels
  • Dual Range Current monitoring with up to 100 pA resolution
  • Very Low Ripple: typical < 5 mVpp
  • Ramp-Up/Down rates independently programmable in the range 1÷100 V/s in 1 V/s steps
  • Under/overvoltage alert, overcurrent and max. voltage protection
  • Interlock logic for unit enable and individual channel kill
  • Local control with 2.8'' color touch screen display
  • Remote control with USB2.0 / Ethernet connections
child1 HiVolta
CAEN HiVolta (DT1415ET) is an 8 channel HV power supply with individual floating returns up to 5 kV. This special characteristic allows the user to stack freely the eight 1 kV/1 mA channels in order to create a stack of voltages up to 5kV. Each channel has three dedicated SHV connectors for the two polarities and to stack them each other.

Each unit is provided with dual range current monitoring (100 µA/1 mA). This feature enhances the current monitoring resolution of a x10 factor in the low range, allowing for accurate detector diagnostics.

The control can be carried through a dedicated touchscreen interface on the front panel of the power supply or remotely via the available connection modes: Ethernet or USB2.0. On the front panels are present secure switches to activate the individual channels so no harm can be accidentally made. To control remotely the unit CAEN provides many different software tools to cover all possible integration and usage needs. Prior to all, the dedicated GECO2020 control software which helps configuring all the available features of the module.

The power supply is delivered in a convenient desktop format with a handle to be easily carried around and keep the module up at the working station, so all the controls can be comfortably reached.
child2 HiVolta
Safety features
arrow Overvoltage and Undervoltage warning when the output voltage differs from the programmed value.
arrow Programmable hardware VMAX protection limit
arrow Overcurrent detection: when a channel attempts to exceed the programmed current limit, it signaled to be in "overcurrent" and the channel enter in a TRIP status. The output voltage is varied to keep the current below the programmed limit for a programmable TRIP time. Overcurrent lasting more than set value, causes the output voltage will drop to zero at Ramp-down rate. If TRIP is set to "constant current mode", the channel behaves like a current generator.
arrow Common Interlock logic for channels enable/disable and individual input signal for channel Kill function.
arrow ALARM and HVON output signals for an easy integration is safety systems