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Modular Pulse Processing Electronics

The Modular Pulse Processing Instrumentation is the interface between the experiment and the scientist. It extracts information from the detectors, allowing all data to be acquired and analyzed.

Waveform Digitizers

CAEN Digitizers are platform independent instruments housing high speed (up to 5 GS/s) multichannel ADCs with local memory and FPGAs for real-time data processing.
Available in different form factors, VME, NIM and Desktop, they are the result of all the experiences collected by CAEN in signal processing and data acquisition systems and have been designed driven by physics and related applications as Medical Imaging, Homeland Security and Environmental Monitoring.

Model(1) Channels(2) Max. Sampling Rate (MS/s)(2) Resolution (bit)
x720 8/4/2 250 12
x721 8 500 8
x724 8/4/2 100 14
x725 16/8 250 14
x730 16/8 500 14
x731 8 - 4 500 - 1000 8
x740 64/32 62.5 12
x751 8 - 4 / 4 - 2 1000 - 2000 10
x761 2 / 1 4000 10
Switched Capacitor Digitizer
x742 32+1 / 16+1 5000 12
x743 16 / 8 3200 12

(1) The x in the model name is V1 for VMW, VX1 for VME64x,DT5 for Desktop and N6 for NIM
(2) The indication "size 1/ size 2" denotes different model versions while "size 1 - size 2" denotes different model operating modes

VME - NIM - CAMAC - Desktop

CAEN provides a complete and ever increasing set of instrumentation, from Preamplifiers to Data Acquisition to Triggering Electronics and Logic Functions. Most of the instrumentation is available in the most popular standard form factors and bus protocols, such as VME, NIM, CAMAC and Desktop.
The Desktop is the stand alone form factor of the CAEN products. It provides the same performances of the other form factors and take the advantage of an easier and portable use, requiring no crates.

Function VME NIM CAMAC Desktop
ADCs (Peak Sensing)
ADCs (C-Rams)
Amplifiers (Fast)
Amplifiers (Spectroscopy)
Analog Pulse Processors
Multi Channel Analyzers
HS Caenet Controllers
Fan In - Fan Out Units
Coincidence/Logic/trigger Units
I/O Registers
Timing Units
Digital Detector Emulator
High Voltage Power Supplies
Low Voltage Power Supplies
NIM/Desktop HV Power Supplies


Powered Crates

Read Out System